Remastered PC Games that Were Better than the Originals

Remastered PC Games that Were Better than the Originals

At times, giving the older video game a fresh coat of paint can remarkably restore its glory and in some instances makes it even better than the original release. With the rapid evolution in gaming hardware and problems from update controls, remastering a game a video game is hard and making it a hit is even harder. Yet some developers have succeeded in bringing forgotten games back to life with a simple revamp. Here is a number of remastered PC Games that turned out to be better than the originals:

1. Resident Evil

The first Resident Evil release could only play on PlayStation and that was in 1996. It was fairly popular but its live-action cutscenes made some players cringe a little and some disliked it. The remake of the game was redistributed several times before the more popular Gamecube release of 2002 which earned it a spot among the top most sought classics of its time, thanks to the introduction of new enemies, improved voice acting and a more realistic environmental design.

2. Metro 2033: Redux

Metro 2033: Redux stormed the stage as a thrilling first-person shooter video game and could only play on PC, Mac and Xbox 360. The publishers created a sequel named Metro 2033: Last Light which came with a more improved engine and a new difficulty setting known as Spartan. Better yet, the remake could play on PlayStation4; players loved it immediately.

3. Metroid Prime Trilogy

With its famous Samus Aran world, Metroid Prime hit the 3D stage to the glee of avid Gamecube lovers. In fact, the video game could only play on Wii and Gamecube. But this started to look too restrictive a few years later. As a result, its trilogy remake was released with the capability to run on Wii U as well. All the 3 games were packed onto 1 disc. All the 3 games have been redone to be compatible with Wii controls and be displayable on wide screens. Thanks to the remake, the Trilogy is now available on both Nintendo eShop and Wii U.



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